About PawnBoss

PawnBoss is software designed specifically for the pawn industry.

How it works

All customer’s information is captured in the program, including photos of the client and all legal data relating to that customer. The software also ensures that your business complies with all the legal aspects of the National Credit Act and the South African Police services. PawnBoss software allows you to easily retrieve any information if you have queries from customers or the SAP.

PawnBoss software also allows you to keep track of all your stock.  All stock items in your shop are numbered and a strict record is kept of everything. Through a simple process you will know exactly where any specific item is in your shop.

Sales are also monitored in a professional way showing you who bought an item and also who sold the item to you – the whole sale process is managed and recorded in a simple way.

Helping you to manage a more successful Business.

We have over 80 small to very large pawnshops all over the country using the PawnBoss POS system to increase control in their businesses and to reap bigger profits. PawnBoss is very user friendly for staff and management alike. There are different user levels for staff and management so that you can have the maximum control over stock shrinkage and money going missing in your business.

We can arrange a free demo at your shop or anywhere else that suits you. Please allow us to demonstrate this awesome product to you.

For a more information or a demo please contact us